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Words and music by Anthony Costa
Produced by Steven Manovski and Anthony Costa
 © Copyright 2014 Two By 2 Pty Ltd, All Rights Reserved

The Prodigal Son

A boy left the land in which he'd grown
To travel afar all on his own
His father's money he took with him
And spent without care and lived in sin


And then one day his money ran out
And his way of life he began to doubt
He never realized just what he had
Until the life of sin had made him sad


Oh the prodigal son
Has realized what he did was wrong
Where does he belong?
Where he is loved


He felt so bad for all he'd done
He could never be called his fathers son
But he was now poor and could not earn 
To his father's home he must now return


So the boy then traveled far and wide
Until he returned to his father's side 
And when the father realized that it was his boy
He began running to him with such joy


The son told his father he was so ashamed
A son to him he could no longer be named
But the father kept smiling without skipping a beat
And gave his son his best robe and shoes for his feet


Oh the prodigal son
Has lived in sin but now home he'll come
Where does he belong?
Where he is loved


"A feast!" the man shouted with such joyful tone
"To celebrate my son returning home"
But the man's other son was not pleased at all
He obeyed his father he was far more loyal 


He said "I was never given a feast
Not even a robe at the very least
Why celebrate he who left your land
When I have obeyed your every command"


The father explained to his loyal son
"Don't turn your back for what he's done
We praise God that he's safe and sound
He once was lost but now is found"


"While he left God and lived in sin
The Lord never abandoned him
With God in his heart again he will thrive
Because he was dead and is now alive"


Oh the prodigal son
God was with him all along
Where does he belong?
Where he is loved


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