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About Two By 2:


Through Two By 2, young children can begin learning the wonderful stories and messages of the Bible before they start school, as well as continue to use it as a learning aid when they are at school.

Two by 2 provides children with a fresh way of experiencing the love of God through the stories and messages of our faith. The team have done this through music, a TV series and a live show that travels throughout churches, schools and cities. 

How Two By 2 begain:

Two By 2 was created by musician/creative Anthony Costa and project manager/entrepreneur Paul Simon with the vision of educating children  about the stories in the Bible, in an exciting and entertaining way. In 2014, Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page joined the team to continue to develop Two By 2 into a live show and TV Show. 


"We wanted to spread the Christian Faith to young pre-school and primary school children to teach them of God’s love for them and instil Christian values to make the world a better place. We help young children get to know God," Anthony Costa. 

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