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Words and music by Anthony Costa and Greg Page
Produced by Steven Manovski
 © Copyright 2014 Two By 2 Pty Ltd, All Rights Reserved

Leaves Will Fall

Open  up  the  door,  take  a  step  outside  

God’s  world  awaits  you  let  nature  be  your  guide    

The  cycle  of  life  is  there  for  all  to  see  

It’s  an  incredible  show  and  for  us  it’s  free  


And  leaves  will  fall  

And  the  sun  will  set  

The  colours of this  show  

You  will  not  forget  

So  let’s  take  some  time  

To  take  a  front  row  seat  

God’s  gift  of  this  world  for  us  

Is  an  amazing  treat  


Theres  so  many  ways  to  appreciate  

The  work  God’s  done  so  lets  no  wait  

Take  a  stroll  down  the  street  or  through  a  park  

Open  up  yours  and  don’t  live  in  the  dark  


And  the  birds  takes  flight  

As  the  sun  does  rise  

The  beauty  of  this  show  

Should  be  no  surprise  

So  lets  take  some  time  

To  take  a  front  row  seat  

God’s  gift  of  this  world  for  us  

Is  an  amazing  treat    


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